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As a student working towards your masters of physiotherapy, you may be interested in learning about the differences between acupuncture and dry needling, the research beyond the technique, and when the best time is to take a course. This website is a resource you can use to answer these questions and determine which path is the best for you.

Try the FAQ section, or explore our list of available courses for students. You may be pleased to know that many acupuncture educational institutes will offer discounts for students!

If you are interested in becoming involved with this division, we would greatly appreciate your help. This organization is a non-profit and needs volunteers like yourself to keep it running. Contact your Current Student Member for more details.

One word of caution, according to the as a student you are not allowed to be practising acupuncture because it is a restricted activity. Please check with your provincial guidelines for more information.

The quick notes:

  1. Acupuncture/dry needling/IMS is a restricted activity that may be used by a Physiotherapist if they have taken and passed the course/exam of an approved course.
  2. A physiotherapy student, even with a student license may not practise acupuncture because it is a restricted activity. See below for more guidelines.
  3. We cannot call ourselves “acupuncturists” rather a Physiotherapist who practices Acupuncture
  4. You must check with your provincial college (e.g. College of Physiotherapists of British Columbia, or College of Physiotherapists of Ontario) for details on practising this restricted activity in your province.