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Awards and Grants

The Acupuncture Division supports ongoing learning and research of its members.  The Acupuncture Division is pleased to financially contribute to our members Professional Development as students, new graduates and researchers.

Student and New Graduate Bursaries

Each year, the division awards two $500 education bursaries to approved division member applicants who are either currently physiotherapy students or new graduates.

The submission deadline is May 29th, 2017, at 12:00 noon. If you are interested in applying for a bursary, please contact us at acupuncture@physiotherapy.ca. The application can also be found here.

Here are the three types of bursaries being offered:

1. A $5,000 PFC bursary to support acupuncture related research.

2. A Student Rep $500 bursary for the student rep position on the executive. The student is expected to assist with various tasks on the executive and serve as a link to the national student body. This a a great opportunity to become involved with the CPA, learn a great deal and get a kick start on professional networking. This student rep bursary is designed to help the student attend Congress. Alternatively, it can be utilized for acupuncture education.

3. A New Graduate $500 bursary which is intended to assist a new grad to take acupuncture related courses upon completion of their undergraduate physiotherapy degree.

Research Grants

The Acupuncture Division has established the Acupuncture Division Grant for Physiotherapy Research in order to build awareness of and capacity for research to enhance evidence-based practice. The award is meant to provide seed funding for pilot or feasibility physiotherapy research projects that involve acupuncture.  The award is restricted to CPA members in good standing. Physiotherapy clinicians who have a research project for which they are seeking funding are encouraged to team up with an experienced researcher (Principle Investigator) when applying for this Award. One grant of $5,000 will be awarded. Applications for this grant can be made through the PFC.   Please see this link for grant submission guidelines and application: